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Here is what our clients are saying...

August 22, 2014


I deposited our net proceeds check today into our bank account, and our 3 old mortgages have been paid off.

I never thought we would get to this point, and it is all thanks to Kuranda and to Megan Scangarella.

If she can help me, she can help anyone. I would have been laughed out of any bank and most mortgage companies: recent bankruptcy, open lawsuits against me, late payment histories, and have only been a full time employee for the past two years. Yet, she took the time to look at my entire financial picture, including my current income, and using my status as a veteran, got me approved for a mortgage. Then she patiently walked us through to finally closing on that same mortgage. My wife and I are saving hundreds of dollars a month, and got enough cash out of the deal to start making some improvements on our house.

She improved our lives for the better, and I know she can do that for anyone who walks in your door.

Thanks very much, and we'll back as our home increases in value, along with our credit scores. And I promise to keep my porch rails painted.



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